Hello, I',m Drew.


About Me

I'm a creative in Montrose, Colorado who has one foot in local entrepreneurship, and another in the Catholic Media world as a podcaster & YouTuber. Both of these crafts are about people, and the story we all collectively live in. My passion is in bringing that story to the forefront.

I have owned my video production company for over 5 years, serving clients in the Western Slope. My podcast has been around for 2 years, reaching people globally.

But more importantly, I'm a husband and a father of two. That legacy is far more important than any business or podcast will ever be.

Non Nisi Te, Domine.

What I'm Up To

Video Production

In Western Slope, Colorado

In 2019, I started a video production company in Montrose, CO.

Today my wife Gina and I run it together, bringing high quality, effective video strategy and videography to our local community.

We also specialize in livestreaming and podcast production.

Check it out: www.drewloewencreative.com

Catholic Podcast

From a Convert's Perspective

In 2021, Gina and I entered into full Communion with the Catholic Church. As a former protestant studying to be a pastor, I bring a unique perspective to the Catholic world as I interview fellow converts, cradle Catholics, and talk about theology and culture.

Check it out: https://drewthecatholic.com/

What else?

Aside from professional endeavors, I enjoy the following things, immensely:

• Craft Coffee

• Writing

• Playing Guitar/Singing

• Vinyl Records

• Fly Fishing

• Tobacco Pipe-Smoking

• Camping

• Some Movies (I'm really picky)

• Lord of the Rings

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I live in Montrose, Colorado. And I love it here.

Did you study film-making?

I always wanted to work in film/video. Surprisingly, I double-majored in Christian Theology and English Lit at Grand Canyon University. But I always helped the film students with their projects, and learned from a mentor/friend who worked in the industry.

Why do you have so much gear?

It's an addiction business expense.

Do you have a blog?

I used to have a theology blog in college. Then this domain name was my business website. Now the blog is gone, and the business site is more appropriately named. But I do talk about theology on my Podcast: "Drew The Catholic".

Maybe I'll write a book someday.

Who really runs the business?

A few years ago, I'd have fessed up and said Gina (my wife) called the shots. But let's be honest, now our daughter, Gwendolyn, really makes all the creative decisions. If you're a client and wondering why your video has so many shots of airplanes, well, she's obsessed with them.

Is that a flip phone?

Yes, I really carry a flip phone. It's an attempt to disconnect. It does help. But I also overcompensate by using my computer and iPad more. Just doing my best here...